Camille Aubray
Camille Aubray
Author of Cooking for Picasso

A People Magazine Pick for
"Best New Books" and an Indie Next Pick for Reading Groups 2017

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ISBN: 9780399177651

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What would you do if you learned your grandmother had once whipped up meals for Pablo Picasso—and received a painting, now lost, in return? Head to the Côte d’Azur to track it down and fall in love with a chef, of course. Makeup artist Céline does just that in Aubray’s delicious, atmospheric novel. You’ll be glad you’re along for the ride.
— PEOPLE Magazine’s “The Best New Books”
A colorful family saga . . . about how people take what seems to be worthless and make it into something priceless. Whether it’s a woman who creates meaning from sad circumstances or a genius who finds his way through a fallow period to create his masterwork, the characters in [Cooking for Picasso] illustrate how essential bad is to good, life is to death and work is to art . . . [and] reveal that value lies not in what you own, but in who you are.
A tasty blend of romance, mystery, French cooking, plus the hairy old painter himself. Which Girl? What Window? Read on . . .
— MARGARET ATWOOD, via Twitter
Thrilling, fast-paced and engaging, COOKING FOR PICASSO is a novel that vividly portrays the South of France. Intrigue, art, food and deception are woven together in a tale of love and betrayal around the life and legacy of Picasso. Touching and true, this well-written narrative made me long for my mother’s coq au vin and for the sun of Juan-les-Pins.
— JACQUES PÉPIN, chef, TV personality, author
Camille Aubray takes the reader on a heartfelt journey to the South of France in her new novel COOKING FOR PICASSO. Wise, atmospheric, and plain fun, Aubray expertly blends fact and fiction to create a rich and memorable tale.
— Michelle Gable, New York Times bestselling author of A PARIS APARTMENT
Aubray has created a satisfying and vividly imagined tale of a young French woman’s life-changing encounter with the most unconventional artist of the modern age. Deliciously intriguing and insightful, the sensory details alone will have you thinking you’re reading the pages seated at a seaside café in the South of France. Well done.
— Susan Meissner, author of SECRETS OF A CHARMED LIFE
Serving up an irresistible feast of art, cuisine and hidden treasures on the French Riviera, Aubray brings Picasso brilliantly to life. Her intriguing, intertwined narratives of Céline, her mother and brave grandmother are utterly spellbinding and deeply touching. This delightful, triple-layered mystery is something as rare as a page-turner with soul.
— Anne Fortier, bestselling author of JULIET and THE LOST SISTERHOOD
Fans of Peter Mayle’s fiction will love COOKING FOR PICASSO. Camille Aubray gives us a literary equivalent of bouillabaisse – a warm and spicy combination of art, family intrigue, food and romance, set in sun-drenched Provence.
— Erica Bauermeister, bestselling author of THE SCHOOL OF ESSENTIAL INGREDIENTS
Described with mouth-watering lushness, a love of Gallic gastronomy – and especially the food of Provence – is one of the passions shared by the three generations of French women who are tenderly but vividly depicted in this intriguing psychological portrait, which doubles as a page-turning thriller based on the search for a missing masterpiece.
— Alexander Lobrano, author of HUNGRY FOR PARIS and HUNGRY FOR FRANCE
A quest for the missing Picasso worthy of Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn. As with any good quest, the heroine finds love along the way, too. An amuse-bouche filled with secret ingredients, covert liaisons, and hidden compartments.
With lively characters and a twisting plot, Aubray’s novel is a smart and satisfying tale of family, creativity, romance and intrigue.
The novel alternates between Ondine’s encounters with Picasso and the repercussions of that brief affair, and Céline’s adventures with cooking, love, and history along the Mediterranean. The real meat of this novel is in the details (both real and imagined) of Picasso’s fascinating life.
Two delicious love stories held together by the bonds of family unfold through Aubray’s lyrical prose as she paints a portrait of the South of France, haute cuisine and the thrilling hunt for a missing masterpiece. With the skill of an artist, she describes Picasso at a crossroads in his life.
This touching and delectable novel invokes the breathtaking scenery of the South of France and the Côte d’Azur in 1936, when a young chef French begins a love affair with Pablo Picasso. Inspired by Picasso’s works from that time period depicting an unknown young woman, Aubray paints a beautiful story of love, art, food, and the enduring romance of the Mediterranean.
This richly crafted tale of love, trust, art and food is wonderfully evocative of the sun-kissed Côte d’Azur, while weaving in a modern-day mystery. . . ideal for whiling away some time en vacances on the Riviera.
— FRANCE TODAY magazine
Ondine meets a mysterious figure in her family’s café—with no inkling of of how he’ll shape her life and that of her grand-daughter Céline, living in present-day Hollywood. A sweet summer read!